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Bee Gnome Miniature

Bee Gnome Miniature

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Bring a touch of luck and good vibes into your home with this bee gnome miniature, regarded as a good luck charm. Perfect to put in the table, shelf, window sill or tiered tray, this little guy is made of soft cloth and measures just over 2 inches tall.


  • Quantity:1 pcs

  • Type: Bee Festival Decoration Supplies

  • Material:cloth

  • Size:23 x 15 cm

Who Is This Product For?

This Bee Gnome Miniature is for those looking to bring some magic into their home; be it with a touch of luck, good vibes or simply an added dash of whimsy! Perfectly suited for small spaces like tables, shelves and window sills, this little guy measures just over 2 inches tall making him the ideal companion when decorating your house with a bit of charm.

Yes, this Bee Gnome Miniature would make a sweet and thoughtful gift! With its tiny size and lucky charm, it's sure to bring a smile to anyone's face. Whether it's placed on a shelf, window sill, or tiered tray, it will fill the room with good vibes and a sense of joy.

Product Uses & Inspiration

This bee gnome miniature is a perfectly adorable way to bring a bit of luck and cheer to your life. Whether you display it in your window sill, on your desk, shelf, or tiered tray, it will make the perfect addition to brighten up any room.

It also makes a great gift to someone special to bring them positivity and good vibes.

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