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Transform your living space into a rustic retreat with our horse decor collection. From intricate horse sculptures to practical horse-shaped bookends, our selection offers a diverse array of options to suit any taste. Whether you are an equestrian enthusiast or simply appreciate incorporating natural elements into your home, our collection is sure to have something you'll adore. Browse now and elevate the ambiance of your home with our horse decor selection.

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Horse Décor Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular horse décor themes?

Horses are one of the most popular categories of home décor. After all, these majestic creatures are symbols of achievement, progress, success, and strength. It’s no wonder, then, that horse paintings and collectible objects are commonly displayed in one’s home office or bookshelf, as well as the living room. 

Horse lovers can choose from a variety of horse themes for home decoration. Equestrian themes are among the most famous; these pay homage to the ancient art of horse riding which is still well-loved particularly among the English today. Examples of equestrian themes include the use of horse hooves, plaid prints, sculptures and paintings of equestrians riding a horse, paperweights for your home office, and much more. 

Western themes are also a popular category for horse décor. Bring the action of the wild west into your living room and table through the use of the right colors, such as browns, reds, and maroons together with a variety of western horse collectibles. Having saddles and boots on display also add a wonderful western touch. 

These are just some of the many ways you can add horse-themed furniture to your living room, home, or office. You can also add horse-themed bedding and pillows as simple accents, too!

What are some good gift ideas for horse lovers?

If you’re thinking about gifts for the horse lover in your life, you’ve come to the right place. The good news is that there’s a wide variety of artwork and collectibles available. 

A horse figurine is a timeless gift that can be placed in just about any room. Choose one of the right sizes depending on where you think they’d be able to display it. Larger figurines can go well in the office or living room, while smaller figurines can be used in a foyer or bedroom.  

Horse paintings are another classic gift idea. With so many stunning horse paintings to choose from, you’re sure to find one that a horse lover will appreciate. Homemakers would also like horse-themed glasses, clothing, bedding, and pillows that can be used every day.  

Accessories, such as a set of horse-themed jewelry, bags or handbags with horse designs, or luggage with stallion designs, are great for the fashionable horse lover in your life. These thoughtful gifts will allow them to take horses with them, wherever they go.  

Just be sure to take their lifestyle as well as the style of their home into consideration before you decide on a product to gift them with. If you’re still confused about what to get them, gift cards are a thoughtful way to let them choose a horse-themed gift on their own. 

How can I incorporate horse décor into my home?

The options for adding horse décor to just about any home are endless. Maybe you grew up with a pet that you would like to remember, or you would like to highlight the symbolism of horses because they represent strength, progress, and success. Either way, horse décor adds an air of elegance and sophistication to any home. 

Adding subtle touches and accents is an easy way to incorporate horse décor into various spaces. In the living room or foyer, coffee table books on horses or horse paintings are a lovely addition that brings to light your interest and passion for these majestic animals.  

A small or large ornament can also be hung in your living room. These may include sculptures, a saddle, or iconic horse head statues that come in many shapes and sizes. A modern horse sign, such as those made from aluminum or metal, and those that light up with neon lights, also make beautiful wall accents. 

There is also the option of going with a specific horse theme, such as sporty equestrian or western. Then you can use details from these themes to be reflected in small details throughout your home, such as the kind of paintings, the color of linens, and the style of furniture. Of course, you can also search for various retailers online, including Untamed Creatures, a site that specializes in an array of horse and animal-themed décor.

What types of horse décor are best for a nursery?

There are many wonderful kinds of horse décor available that can spruce up the look of a nursery for a little boy or girl. These can also be combined with traditional nursery décors, such as stars on the ceiling, printed wallpapers, and colorful bedding. 

You can incorporate horse games for infants around the crib. A mobile crib featuring a horse is a quintessential nursery décor. A selection of stuffed toys, including little horses, is also suitable for nurseries. 

Incorporate more fun into the nursery by creating a miniature barnyard or farm setup on display. The pieces featured here will likely be too small for your baby to play with, but these are unique ways to add a horse theme into the nursery. 

For example, you can place several farm elements arranged on the surface of a desk to recreate a barnyard scene. These include the use of a miniature horse in an area with hay or grass. Other horses can be placed in a barn replica, complete with a stall where other equestrian equipment can be kept, including the tack, halter, and lead.  

Just be sure to keep everything well-organized. Toy holders, cabinets, storage, and hampers in the right places will help keep your baby’s nursery tidy. 

Additionally, you can add functional pony and horse décor in nurseries too. For example, a bookshelf that can be used to arrange baby books and games as well as keep pictures is always a good idea. A faux horse rug helps to define the space.  

Be sure to check out online shops such as Untamed Creatures, where you can find a good selection of horse décor for your baby’s nursery.