About Untamed Creatures

We’re bringing the wonderfully gentle and beautiful animal kingdom closer to your home.

Untamed Creatures is a modern home decor brand dedicated to serving people and homeowners who have a heart for all animals, big and small. We’ve created an ecommerce store specializing in animal-themed home decorations made by animal lovers for fellow animal lovers.

Since day one, we've had our minds set to offering the best, most stylish, and most affordable animal-themed decorations.

Whether you’re a homeowner living in the rural areas where wildlife is abundant. Or someone living in the big city but loves to adorn your home with captivating and cute animal-themed decor… we’re here to be your go-to partner.

Our goal is to bring you a priceless sense of happiness and fulfillment in knowing you’re surrounded by animal home decors that add a touch of individuality to your space. And we’re doing this by presenting you with high quality, stylish, and affordable animal home decorations we know you’ll love.

Meet Hara Lessandra,

Hara Lessandra is the gentle founder of Untamed Creatures. A fellow animal lover and advocate of raising awareness against animal cruelty.

Hara Lessandra

Like many of you, she’s spent hours and hours scouring the internet for the best animal-themed home decorations before. Seeing there is more demand for quality and affordable animal home decor than there are suppliers, Hara decided she will start her own ecommerce store specializing in selling the best animal-themed decorations for homes.

Months of product research and sourcing for the best suppliers came to fruition. Untamed Creatures is now a growing ecommerce store selling animal-themed products you’ll love to have in your home.

“I'm grateful I've found a business that I'm passionate about and allows me to connect with like-minded people.” – Hara Lessandra

Our Why…

As a business, it is crucial for us to work with a specific set of values in mind. We believe that a huge part of what we do is positively impacting the lives of the homeowners and the families we touch.

Untamed Creatures is a brand dedicated to selling animal-themed home decorations. But beyond that… we want to go above and beyond to be an advocate and raise awareness against animal cruelty. By presenting our customers with cute animal home decors, we’re inspiring both kids and adults to care more for the planet and all its inhabitants.

We hope that by letting you appreciate animals in the form of modern home decor, we’re inspiring you to make the small steps into making the world a better place for all these beautiful creatures.

Browse our collection of animal-themed home decor and pick the ones you want in your home right now.