Best Cow Ottoman: Top Picks for Style and Comfort in 2024

Best Cow Ottoman: Top Picks for Style and Comfort in 2024

Ottomans have enjoyed continued popularity as versatile pieces of furniture, serving both as cow decor and functional additions to living spaces. The variety is immense, ranging from simple, cushioned designs to elaborate, multi-functional pieces that provide storage. Among these, the cow ottoman stands out. Styled to resemble the pattern of a cow’s hide, cow ottomans add a rustic or whimsical touch to rooms, often becoming conversation starters due to their distinctive appearance. They strike a balance between country charm and modern design, making them suitable for various interior themes, from farmhouse to contemporary.

Selecting the best cow ottoman involves considering not only the aesthetic appeal but also the craftsmanship, durability, and material quality. Faux cowhide offers a cruelty-free option with the benefit of easier cleaning and maintenance, while genuine leather can provide richness in texture and durability. The internal structure is paramount for stability and longevity, with solid wood frames typically outperforming those made from less durable materials. Size is another crucial factor; the ottoman should be proportional to the surrounding furniture and adequate for the intended use, whether it’s as a footrest, seat, or accent piece.

When evaluating options, comfort cannot be overlooked. A good cow ottoman should have a plush, yet supportive cushion that maintains its shape over time. Finally, attention to detail in the stitching and overall construction will also influence the selection, as these aspects can determine the product’s ability to withstand regular use.

Through meticulous research and hands-on testing of various models, we’ve narrowed down the field to identify cow ottomans that excel across all important parameters. Our findings are geared toward helping consumers choose an ottoman that not only anchors the aesthetic of their space but also provides practical value.

Top Cow Ottomans for Your Home

We’ve searched far and wide to bring you a selection of the best cow ottomans on the market. Our picks not only enhance the aesthetic of your living space but also offer functional versatility. Whether you’re looking for a charming focal point or a practical resting spot, these options promise to meet your needs with durability and style.

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1. GIA Shorthorn Cow Ottoman

We think you’ll be utterly delighted with this charming ottoman that brings a farmyard twist to your space.


  • Whimsically charming; doubles as decor
  • Hidden storage compartment for trinkets
  • Sturdy and safe for kids to use


  • Not suitable for rough play
  • Cleaning requires gentle care
  • Possible stability issues without extra weight

Having just incorporated this GIA Cow Ottoman into our living environment, we’re quite taken with its whimsical charm. It’s tough to resist the allure of such a playful piece; it doesn’t just serve as a footstool—it’s a lively conversation starter. The built-in storage is surprisingly nifty for tucking away tiny toys or remotes, keeping the room tidy but those essentials within easy reach.

Our little ones have taken an immediate liking to their new cow friend. It’s been a delight to watch them clamber onto this padded bovine with squeals of joy. While it’s not meant for rambunctious play, it’s proved to be a sturdy resting spot for tired feet at the end of the day. The suede fabric gives a soft and luxurious touch, yet calls for gentle cleaning—a small trade-off for the plush comfort it brings.

After a few days of testing it out in various scenarios, it’s apparent that adding a bit of weight to the storage compartment enhances the footstool’s stability. This tweak is a quick fix, ensuring that it stays put, even when we’re a bit more vigorous in propping our feet up. We’re definitely keeping this Shorthorn Cow Ottoman; it’s an adorable, multi-functional addition that’s warmed up our space.

2. Bessie Velvet Cow Ottoman

We find the Bessie Ottoman a charming choice that melds plush comfort with quirky style for any room.


  • Unique design that adds character to your space
  • Soft velvet material that feels luxurious
  • Strong birch legs ensuring durability


  • Maybe too whimsical for some decor styles
  • Can be toppled by energetic kids or pets
  • Only available in one pattern

Having introduced the Bessie Velvet Cow Ottoman into our space, we’ve noticed it’s much more than a place to rest our feet. It’s an eye-catching statement piece that’s a surefire conversation starter for anyone stepping into the room. The velvet is plush and feels gentle underhand or when taking a seat to tie shoes or rest momentarily.

We’ve appreciated the sturdiness of the birch legs, which provide a solid foundation for the ottoman. It’s a relief to have furniture that marries aesthetic appeal with functional strength, ensuring the piece will be a long-term resident in our living area.

On the flip side, while the ottoman brought us joy with its personality, we had to position it carefully as its lightweight build meant it could be easily shifted or knocked over by the bustling activities of kids and pets. Our advice: place it in a low-traffic zone to enjoy its charm without the worry.

3. WoodShine Faux Leather Cow Ottoman

We think you’ll be utterly charmed by this adorable cow ottoman, a perfect blend of whimsy and functionality.


  • Enlivens any room with its playful cow design
  • Offers a comfortable spot to rest or sit, thanks to the plush faux leather
  • Built to last with sturdy legs and easy-to-clean materials


  • Some may find it smaller than expected
  • Not suitable for seating larger adults
  • The novelty design might not appeal to everyone

Sporting an irresistibly cute façade, this WoodShine cow ottoman just trotted into our lives and has quickly become more than a mere footrest. It’s a cozy and amusing highlight in our kid’s play area.

Its soft, cushy faux leather is perfect for those times we need to kick up our feet and relax. We’ve even caught the cat napping on it a time or two, which just adds to its homely charm.

Despite its whimsical look, we’re impressed with how solidly the cow ottoman stands. The construction doesn’t feel flimsy, and it’s been totally capable of keeping up with the hustle and bustle in our home. The added floor pads were a thoughtful touch, saving our hardwood floors from scratches. It’s a piece of cake to keep it spotless, too, just a quick spot clean here and there.

By no means is this the throne for an adult’s seating needs, and if you’re looking for a substantial piece of furniture, you might want to look elsewhere. But for a child’s nursery or as a cutesy footstool, it’s spot on. The cow ottoman is indeed more fitting for the little ones in our family or a single pair of adult feet at a time, but that said, it invites smiles and serves its purpose well. It’s also worth mentioning that it might not suit the aesthetic of every home.

4. Playful Kids’ Cow Ottoman

We find this cow ottoman to be a charming and practical addition to any child’s room, offering comfort, storage, and a dash of whimsy.


  • Ample storage for toys or books
  • Sturdy construction that can withstand children’s use
  • The playful design adds character to a room


  • Limited to children’s use due to size
  • White fabric may need frequent cleaning
  • Might not blend well with all decor styles

We recently had the pleasure of setting up the Home 2 Office Cow Ottoman in a child’s playroom, and its presence alone has transformed the space into a more inviting area. The velvet fabric is pleasing to the touch, and the cheerful cow face has become a conversation starter. The hidden storage compartment is surprisingly spacious, providing a perfect hideaway for clutter.

As we observed, the kids are drawn to it, using it as a seat or a play companion. Its versatility extends beyond its storage capabilities; it serves as a cute decor piece as well. We appreciate the solid wood legs that guarantee stability, ensuring it’s more than just a pretty piece of furniture.

In our time with the cow ottoman, we noticed that its light color needs attention to stay clean, especially in a child’s room. Even so, its charm and functionality are undeniable. It has quickly become a beloved piece of furniture, serving its purpose and eliciting smiles from everyone who enters the room.

5. Deco De Ville Rectangular Cow Ottoman

We find this ottoman blends style and function, making it a valuable addition to any room.


  • Ample storage capacity
  • Comfortable and sturdy seating option
  • Attractive and multifunctional design


  • Limited color options to match décor
  • Velvet material may require careful maintenance
  • Top cushion might be too firm for some preferences

Upon receiving the Deco De Ville Cow Ottoman, we were immediately struck by how it added a charming touch to our living space. Opening the box revealed a piece that required no assembly, which was a pleasant surprise. The cow print is eye-catching and turned out to be quite the conversation starter when we had guests over.

Its velvet texture is soft to the touch, making the ottoman a cozy rest for our feet after a long day. Additionally, the padding on top is quite supportive, and it holds up well as an impromptu seat when we have more company than chairs. We’ve also doubled it as a makeshift coffee table, which has proven to be quite convenient.

The storage compartment is more than just a bonus. It’s spacious enough to stow away several throws and pillows, helping us keep the area tidy without effort. We appreciate how the hinged lid opens smoothly and stays put, sparing us from any accidental slams.

We must note that while the velvet is luxurious, it does require a bit of extra attention to maintain its luster. The print may not be as versatile for all decor schemes, but if you’re into eclectic or farmhouse styles, it will fit right in. Lastly, a couple of us found the seat a tad firmer than our personal liking, but it’s still comfortable for casual seating.

In sum, the Deco De Ville Ottoman is more than just a place to rest your feet; it’s a stylish storage solution that comes with the added bonus of serving as secondary seating. It might carry a few minor drawbacks, but these pale in comparison to the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal it brings to our home.

6. Cozy Round Cow Ottoman

We find this ottoman to be a charming and practical addition to any room, fitting a variety of uses with a touch of whimsy.


  • Stylish milk cow pattern in soft velvet adds a playful touch.
  • Solid wood construction provides durability and stability.
  • Versatile use as a footrest, extra seat, or a shoe bench, paired with convenience of being pre-assembled.


  • Limited surface area may not accommodate larger feet or multiple items.
  • The height might be too low for some furniture pairings.
  • Non-slip leg protection design might require additional floor padding for delicate surfaces.

In our experience, the Homebeez Round Ottoman instantly brings warmth and character to a space. Its soft, velvety texture and fun cow print make for an inviting presence in any living room, bedroom, or entryway. Sitting on it or resting our feet after a long day has been a delight; the ottoman feels sturdy and well-built.

The ottoman’s compact size makes it very adaptable as it doesn’t take up much space, and moving it around is hassle-free whenever we need to clear the area or change its position. It serves well as an impromptu seat when hosting guests – a practicality we appreciate in our home.

It’s worth noting how pleasant it is to skip the chore of assembly. This ottoman arrived ready for use, a small yet significant convenience. It could easily become a favorite for those who value both form and function in their furniture choices.

7. Adeco Cow Print Ottoman

We find this ottoman’s crisp cow print fabric and multifunctionality to be the highlight of a cozy living space.


  • Comfortable fabric and plush cushioning
  • Adds a touch of modern elegance
  • Versatile use as a footstool or table


  • May not support the weight of all adults
  • Potential for wobbling if not assembled correctly
  • Limited to indoor use due to fabric material

Resting our feet on the Adeco Ottoman after a long day offered significant comfort. The high-resiliency foam feels like it molds to the contours of our feet, providing a soothing experience. When unwinding, we could place our beverage on top, appreciating its sturdy, flat surface.

Positioning this ottoman in our living room, we noticed it became a conversation piece. Its cow print design contributes a playful yet posh vibe to the interior. We appreciated that it could also double as extra seating during our gatherings, though we learned to limit this utility to smaller guests.

During our time with the product, assembly was straightforward—just screwing on the legs. Nevertheless, we recommend being precise, as improper assembly could result in a slight wobble. Carewise, it’s a breeze; a quick wipe keeps it looking fresh and clean. For those seeking a whimsical yet functional piece, this ottoman checks the boxes.

8. Velvety Padded Cow Ottoman

We find this ottoman to be a delightful addition to any space, bringing both charm and functionality.


  • Sturdy build, easily supports up to 250 pounds
  • Versatile use throughout the home
  • Quick and simple to assemble


  • The non-slip foot pads may not stick well
  • Could be too high for certain furniture
  • Legs may loosen over time with frequent use

Tucked beneath our desk, the Cozy Cow Ottoman became a little sanctuary for weary feet after a long day of work. Its plush seat offered a soothing comfort outshined only by its adorable cow print design, which effortlessly added a splash of whimsy to our room. Lightweight and equipped with a convenient handle, moving it from the living room to the bedroom required minimal effort, proving its worth in versatility.

During a weekend read-a-thon, our ottoman served as a comfortable footrest that helped us relax more deeply into our armchair. The sturdy wooden legs provided a stable support without any sign of wobble. Not just for resting our feet, this ottoman was a handy tool for reaching books on higher shelves, showcasing its multifunctionality.

At one of our small gatherings, the Cozy Cow Ottoman became a quick conversation starter. However, we noticed the non-slip pads didn’t adhere as well as they could. We needed to adjust them a couple of times to ensure they stayed in place. Despite this minor niggle, the charm and utility of the ottoman couldn’t be overshadowed. We appreciated its simple assembly, though we’d recommend checking the legs periodically to ensure they stay tight.

Buying Guide

Key Features to Consider

When selecting the best cow ottoman for your home, we must consider size, material, and durability. Size should align with the available space and intended use, whether for seating or as a statement piece. The material not only dictates the ottoman’s appearance but also its comfort and longevity. Leather or faux leather is popular for its resilience and ease of cleaning. Fabric options offer a vast range of patterns but may require more maintenance.

Comfort and Utility

Functionality is another aspect we cannot overlook. An ideal cow ottoman should offer a comfortable seat and, if needed, storage capabilities. The padding thickness is important for comfort, so we should seek an ottoman with adequate cushioning. For multi-functional pieces, check if they include storage and how easily it can be accessed.

Feature Type Notes
Size Ensure it fits the intended space and purpose.
Material Leather for durability, fabric for variety.
Durability Assess build quality, especially if used as seating.
Comfort Look for sufficient padding.
Utility Consider storage options if needed.

Design and Aesthetics

The design must complement the existing decor. Cow ottomans come in various patterns, from realistic to abstract interpretations of cowhide, so we should select one that harmonizes with the room’s style. Note the leg design and finish as it contributes to the overall aesthetic and stability.

Maintenance and Care

Ottomans require care to ensure longevity. We should be aware of the care instructions, especially for leather, which may require regular conditioning. Fabric cleaners can be used for textile ottomans, but check for specific care requirements to avoid damage.

By considering these factors, we can confidently choose a cow ottoman that blends functionality, comfort, and design, while ensuring it fits into our home beautifully.

Frequently Asked Questions

When considering the purchase of a cow ottoman, it’s essential to select the size, shape, and material that best suit your space and needs. Additionally, understanding maintenance and the benefits of various features will ensure your satisfaction with this unique furniture piece.

How do I Choose the Right Size Ottoman for My Space?

To select the right size ottoman for your space, measure the area where you plan to place it. Ensure there’s enough room to move around comfortably, and consider the ottoman’s height in relation to your furniture. A good rule is to allow 18 inches of space around each side for easy access and aesthetics.

What are the Benefits of Having an Ottoman with Storage Capabilities?

An ottoman with storage offers a dual-purpose solution, providing a stylish seating or footrest option alongside hidden storage for items like blankets, books, or remote controls. This feature helps keep your space tidy and organized without sacrificing style.

In What Ways Does the Shape of a Cowhide Ottoman Impact Its Use and Style?

The shape of a cowhide ottoman can significantly affect both its function and its aesthetic appeal. A round ottoman softens the look of a room and is perfect for creating a central gathering point, while a square or rectangular one can serve as a statement piece and may fit more seamlessly against walls or in corners.

What Should I Consider When Selecting the Material for My Cow Pattern Ottoman?

When choosing the material for your cow pattern ottoman, consider durability, comfort, and ease of cleaning. Genuine cowhide is long-lasting and has a unique texture, while faux cowhide might offer greater consistency in pattern and is often easier to clean.

How Can I Maintain and Clean My Cow Print or Cowhide Ottoman?

Maintaining your cow print or cowhide ottoman involves regular vacuuming with a brush attachment to remove dust and debris. For cowhide, use a damp cloth for spot cleaning, and for cow print, follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Avoid harsh chemicals which could damage the fabric.

What are the Design Advantages of a Faux Cowhide Ottoman Over a Real Cowhide Piece?

A faux cowhide ottoman often comes at a lower cost and requires less maintenance than a real hide. It’s also a cruelty-free option that can provide a greater variety of colors and patterns to match your interior design while maintaining a similar texture and appearance to authentic cowhide.

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