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Woven Bee House Outdoor Decor

Woven Bee House Outdoor Decor

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This unique woven bee house is perfect for adding a touch of nature to your outdoor décor. Made from woven grass fiber, this sturdy bee house decor is durable and can withstand strong winds making it perfect for outdoor decoration. The teardrop shaped design makes it easy to hang and the hanging loop makes it easy to position where you want it.


  • Material: hemp rope
  • Size: A-11*10*24cm/B-10*10*18cm/C-10*10*18cm
  • Color: picture color

Who Is This Product For?

This charming, woven bee house is ideal for decor enthusiasts who are looking to add a touch of nature to their outdoor space. Its durable hemp rope construction and teardrop-shaped design make it easy to hang in any location, adding an eye-catching and unique look without compromising on quality or style. With this alluring bee house, you can create a beautiful haven for local pollinators while sprucing up your garden décor!

Yes, this unique Woven Bee House Outdoor Decor would make an excellent gift! Its teardrop-shaped design and durable hemp rope construction make it both stylish and practical, perfect for adding a touch of nature to any outdoor space. The versatile size options give you plenty of freedom to choose the perfect fit for your giftee, and the hanging loop makes it easy to hang and position in any desired location. With its beauty and practicality, this bee house will be a treasured gift for years to come!

Product Uses & Inspiration

Hang this Woven Bee House Outdoor Decor to bring a rustic, charming touch to your patio or porch eave. Give your garden a whimsical display by suspending it from a tree branch and surrounding it with vibrant flowers and decorations.

Invite bees to your backyard by placing the bee house near a flower bed. For a unique spin, set it in a planter and add your favorite plants. You can also use it as the foundation for your own custom outdoor decorations and show off your DIY skills.

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