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Daisy Cow Solar Yard Ornament

Daisy Cow Solar Yard Ornament

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Bring a touch of the country to your porch or garden with this adorable Daisy Cow Solar Yard Ornament! Made of durable resin, this solar yard ornament features a colorful dalmatian cow with colorful light. Place this ornament in the sun to charge it up, and enjoy the cheerful light it emits all season long.


  • Dimensions: 16.5*14.5*9cm
  • Weight: about 380g

Who Is This Product For?

This Daisy Cow Solar Yard Ornament is perfect for adding a dash of rustic charm to any outdoor space! Bring the countryside right to your porch or garden with this delightful ornament, which charges up in the sun and emits a cheerful light that will last all season long. Perfect for those who are looking to decorate their outdoor area with something special and full of character!

Would make a wonderful gift! This whimsical and vibrant ornament will bring a cheery and charming touch to any porch or garden. With its bright and colorful dalmatian cow design, the ornament will bring a smile to the recipient's face and create lasting memories. Plus, the solar charging feature makes it easy to keep the light shining all season long!

Product Uses & Inspiration

This Daisy Cow Solar Yard Ornament is a great addition to your outdoor living space, bringing a splash of sunshine to your garden! It emits a cheerful light in the evenings, creating a country feel in your garden with its vibrant colors and dalmatian cow-inspired design.

This durable and long-lasting ornament is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your porch or driveway and will provide a warm glow all season long. Simply place it in direct sunlight to charge it up and enjoy the light for hours!

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