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Bee Sunflower Wreath

Bee Sunflower Wreath

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This bee sunflower wreath is the perfect way to brighten up any door! The brown material is made of high-quality and is finished with a beautiful sunflower. Hang this wreath in your front door to welcome all visitors with a smile.


  • Material: Hemp rope and fabric
  • Color: brown
  • A: 18CM Type A
  • B: 18CM Type B
  • Size: 26x16x1.5cm
  • Weight: 75.5g

Who Is This Product For?

This bee sunflower wreath is the perfect gift for any nature-lover! With its high-quality construction and warm, inviting color, it will look right at home gracing the entrance of anyone who seeks to bring a cheerful touch of springtime into their living space. Hang this lovely wreath on your front door and brighten up your entryway with a beautiful homage to summer days spent among buzzing bees and fragrant flowers.

Yes, this bee sunflower wreath would make a delightful gift! It's a unique and eye-catching way to add a touch of cheer to any home. With its vibrant sunflower detail, this wreath is sure to make any recipient smile.

Product Uses & Inspiration

This bee sunflower wreath could be used to add a cheerful touch to any entrance. Hang it on your door to welcome guests with a warm, sunny greeting. Add a pop of color to your patio by hanging it on a wall or fence. Use it to brighten up a garden or balcony.

Place it in a window to catch the sun's rays and bring a smile to passersby. Or get creative and use it as a centerpiece for outdoor parties or events. No matter where you hang it, this bee sunflower wreath will add a cheerful touch to any space.

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