Wise and Whimsical: Creative Ideas for Owl Classroom Decor

Wise and Whimsical: Creative Ideas for Owl Classroom Decor

Welcome to the wonderful world of owls! Whether you’re an elementary teacher or a parent, have we got a fun and creative way for you to add some feathered friends to your classroom. Owl-themed decorations are all the rage right now from hanging wall art to owl-themed clocks – there is something unique for every space.

Not only do these decorations bring vibrant colors and patterns into any room but they also act as educational tools when introducing children (or adults) about different species of owl found around the world. Bring some character into any school with owl classroom decor today!

How to Create an Adorable Owl Themed Classroom

Creating the perfect classroom is a challenge, but with a few owl-themed decorations it can be both creative and fun! From wall art to plush toys, there are lots of ideas that you can use to create an adorable owl themed class. Start by adding some bright pop of colors like blue or yellow since these colors tend to bring life into any setting.

Hang up owls on branches and trees for visual interest as well as providing an educational element of teaching children about nature. Place soft stuffed animals in clusters around the room so they feel comfortable and cozy while learning during story time or nap time.

Don’t forget also adding window treatments such as curtains with large owls printed all over them will complete your look!

Choosing the Right Colors for an Owl Classroom

Choosing the right colors for an owl themed classroom is a key part of creating an adorable and inviting space. When selecting colors, choose hues that promote peace yet are fun - such as light blues, purples, or shades of green. Accents of yellow can add energy to the scene while cool grays will help keep things calming and organized.

Be sure to incorporate natural wood elements like owls carved from logs! A soft sky blue wall color with cloud accents as well as multi-colored decals featuring whimsical owls create a perfect backdrop for imaginative playtime in any owl themed classroom.

Shopping for Owls: Where to Find Decorations

Shopping for decorations to create the perfect owl classroom doesn’t have to be difficult. There are plenty of places online and in stores that carry an array of cute, colorful decor pieces at affordable prices! Look no further than your local craft store or discount department store for supplies like wall stickers, posters, throw pillows with quirky animal imagery, and more.

Online retailers such as Untamed Creatures offer a wide selection of owl items for your home from bookshelves featuring owls to stationary sets printed with hooting birds—find something unique that will instantly bring the room alive! Be creative when shopping around; you can even make some decorations yourself if you get inspired by do-it-yourself projects found on websites like Pinterest, Etsy or here at Untamed Creatures.

With proper planning and preparation before school starts again soon, having an oh-so stylish owl classroom will surely be appreciated among teachers and students alike

Do-It-Yourself Ideas for Customizing Owls

Creating a classroom with an owl theme can be a fun and exciting experience. For teachers looking to customize their classrooms further, there are plenty of do-it-yourself ideas for customizing owls!

One great option is to repaint existing decorations. This will allow you to create your own unique look that caters specifically towards the style of your classroom or home. Additionally, reusing items such as paper rolls and boxes can help keep costs down while still creating eye catching decor pieces in line with the theme you have chosen.

Get creative by using other household materials like felt fabric (for wings) and feathers when constructing handmade figures – from finger puppets to wall hangings! And don’t forget about recycled plastic bottle caps which make perfect owl eyes? Have fun experimenting and crafting some truly original owl designs for your special space!

Tips for Incorporating Owls into Your Lesson Plans

If you're looking to add a little bit of fun and whimsy into your classroom this year, incorporating owls is an excellent way to do so! Not only are they adorable creatures that students love, but you can also take advantage of the opportunity to use owl-themed decor as part of educational lessons.

Here are some tips for making the most out of these feathered friends in your lesson plans: Start off by putting up owl posters or wall decals around the room - it will make both a visual statement as well as give subtle hints about what type of content might be taught in that particular space.

Use printables featuring cute cartoon owls printed on them; these can be used during independent activities like craft projects, coloring pages etc., allowing kids to stay focused while still engaging with imaginative imagery. Finally, don’t forget opportunities like virtual field trips – webcams setup at nesting sites could help engage deeper conversations around habitat conservation and animal behavior!

Incorporating elements related to nature always helps keep learning fresh and exciting – why not start with one class mascot? The possibilities truly are endless when it comes to integrating customizing owls into your lessons plans!


When considering owl classroom decor ideas, it is important to remember that the addition of owls should be meaningful and relevant. Owls can make a great visual impact in your classroom, from small elements such as pictures or posters to larger items like stuffed animals.

Remember to incorporate corresponding activities into lesson plans so students learn about these majestic creatures while engaging with their environment. With thoughtful consideration and planning, striking owl decorations are surefire way enhance any learning space!

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